Ísey Skyr is high in protein, naturally low in fat and rich in calcium. A delicious dairy product, Ísey Skyr is made with more than three times the amount of milk that goes into typical yoghurts, which ensures its exceptionally high level of protein. Enjoy it in its natural form, or one of our fresh flavours.
We even have a low-carb option.


Ísey Skyr is a very good source of high quality protein, both casein and whey protein, and contains all essential amino acids. Protein is important in the diet, both for building and maintaining muscles as well as for other tissues.


Ísey Skyr is an excellent source of calcium in the diet and is considered one of the best available sources of this important nutrient. Lactose, which is found in dairy products, helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium is an important structural component of bones and teeth, it also plays a role in muscle contraction and has many other important functions in the body.


Ísey Skyr contains 13 of the 18 most important vitamins and minerals for the body and is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B12, zinc, iodine and many more. These nutrients have many important tasks in the body, including energy metabolism.