Icelandic skyr recipe dates back a thousand years


Once upon a time, 1,100 years ago in fact, Nordic settlers began arriving in Iceland. They brought with them the skills and knowledge for producing skyr. As time passed, the know-how and recipe for this nutritious food slowly faded out elsewhere in the Nordic region. Luckily, the Icelandic skyr-making tradition continued.

For centuries, Icelandic skyr formed a cornerstone of the national diet, helping to keep people strong in living conditions that were often harsh. On family farms countrywide, it was the women who nurtured this dairy and passing on both the recipe and the original Icelandic skyr cultures from mother to daughter.

Ísey Skyr builds on this remarkable legacy. It was some of those very same women, the recipients of their mothers’ expertise, who, around 90 years ago, taught Icelandic dairy scientists the art of skyr-making. The production process is more hightech these days, and the quality standards more rigorous. However, the basic recipe and the use of original cultures to ferment the skimmed milk remain the same. Protein rich, naturally low in fat, creamy and delicious – Ísey Skyr is as relevant to consumers now as it was all those centuries ago.

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Ísey skyr - Over 90 years of experience producing skyr

More than 1100 years ago Nordic settlers arrived in Iceland.
They brought with them the skills and knowledge for producing the super dairy skyr.
In time the recipe for skyr was forgotten elsewhere in the Nordic region, but luckily the skyr-making tradition in Iceland was passed down from mother to daughter generation to generation.
Today preserving and improving upon the recipe Ísey skyr honors and continues the remarkable legacy.