ÍSEY SKYR Won Prestigious Award for Best Gut-Health Product from Australian / New Zealand Healthy Fo

Good News!  ÍSEY SKYR, the super dairy (skyr) brand from Iceland, that has just landed in Hong Kong, recently announced that it has won the "Healthy Food Guide Award" - Best Gut-Health Product from Healthy Food Guide magazine in Australia/New Zealand.

Healthy Food Guide is the leading voice in health and nutrition across Australia and New Zealand. The magazine is a go-to for health-conscious consumers to find accurate and practical nutrition information and advice in supermarkets.

The annual Healthy Food Guide Awards are the most prestigious awards recognizing the healthiest packaged foods on the market in Australia and New Zealand. The Superstars are selected by a team of dietitians at Healthy Food Guide, who have closely analysed hundreds of brands across 18 major food categories to discover the most nutritious and best value-for-money products.

In 2023 ÍSEY SKYR won Australia and New Zealand's Best Gut-Health Product, and is being recognized as the Protein and calcium powerhouse, the award is classified as the Innovative Products/Brands category.

"Why not the Best Yogurt Award?" Because Ísey Skyr is not a yogurt.  Technically ÍSEY SKYR is a soft cheese, but its texture, storage, sales channel, way of serving is more like yogurt. The difference between Skyr and Greek yogurt is that Skyr uses skim milk with ultrafiltration technology, that’ s why it has higher protein, naturally fat free, only minimal level of lactose and the texture is much more smoother and creamier. 


ÍSEY SKYR has won numerous awards in Nordic countries, such as The Best Fresh Dairy Award in Nordic Countries 2022. It is exciting to receive such a prestigious award, despite ÍSEY SKYR being in New Zealand for only one year.


As the Best Gut-Health Product, ÍSEY SKYR is made from skimmed milk with centuries-old Icelandic authentic cultures (including Streptococcus and Thermus thermophilus, etc.) and is a dairy product with live cultures (the probiotics are active). ÍSEY SKYR is kept in a low-temperature environment from the factory to the shelves, and has a shorter shelf life than other imported yogurts, airfreight is a must to maximize the survival rate of probiotics in ÍSEY SKYR. These active probiotics improve the healthy growth of microorganisms with beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, which helps to reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and assist in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In addition to probiotics, ÍSEY SKYR also contains the following nutrients:


ÍSEY SKYR (with a protein content of up to 11g/100g) is a good source of high quality protein, casein and whey protein, and contains all essential amino acids. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, protection of bones and other tissues.



ÍSEY SKYR is rich in calcium (107mg/100g) and is considered an excellent source of dietary calcium. The lactose present in dairy products helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium is an important structural component of bones and teeth, and is essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves.


Vitamins and Minerals

ÍSEY SKYR contains 13 of the 18 most important vitamins and minerals for the body, and is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B12, zinc, iodine and more. These nutrients are essential for the body's physiological functions, growth and development, and bone health.


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